Belgravia Ace location is smart investment with Singapore’s new innovation-based business districts

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Belgravia Ace is all about the joy of living on a landed property that also offers condominium facilities. It was designed to provide well-appointed living spaces in a gated community. This is a smart investment, and it is located just minutes from Singapore’s new innovation-based business districts, Seletar, Punggol, and North Coast. Its freehold status will ensure that it leaves a lasting legacy for future generations.

Each strata house is composed of 107 unique units. Each unit has a bold, asymmetrical facade with an origami twist. This creates a unique design that you can be proud to call your “home”. You will find 4 levels of living space in your private residence, as well as a basement private parking spot for cars. Living areas like the 5 bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, and open-plan kitchens were carefully planned and designed to maximize space.

Belgravia Ace landed low-rise property in Ang Mo Kio has grown to be one of the most sought after and restricted places to live in. It was once a small town with rubber plantations running through most of Ang Mo Kio. In 1973, the plan was to turn Ang Mo Kio to a residential community. Plans were in progress to transform Ang Mo Kio to a world-class town. Investors are now eager to invest in this area.

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Ang Mo Kio Town has been transformed into a self-sustaining town that is easily accessible and highly desired by Belgravia Ace news Fairview Developments’ investors. It has also won many awards for its limited layout and design concepts. Many plans have been laid to upgrade the popular Ang Mo Kio neighborhood, such as in HDB estates. This has provided more convenience for Belgravia Ace Terrace residents who travel around the area.

Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio residents who live in private estates have the option of upgrading and improving their lives. These include street lighting improvements, as well as public playgrounds for residents in the AMK neighborhood. This makes it easier to spend time with family members. These include the Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic and the 1,000sqm Senior care Centre for elderly residents. The strata terrace development is set to launch in 2021. It will offer a great view. The development will offer a desirable low-rise freehold property that is sure to be in high demand. It is possible that there are not enough units to meet the demand.

Belgravia Ace Ang Mo Kio Community and Amenities

Ang Mo Kio is an eco-friendly community that allows residents to visit parks and other ecological spots. Residents have plenty to look forward too. AMK also has park connectors that allow you to reach Punggol. This network, which is nature-friendly, connects several educational institutions. It also links to Buangkok via Punggol Park and Punggol Waterway Park. You can also visit one the remaining playgrounds in Singapore, located just beside 571. You can walk under the MRT track to Ang Mo Kio station and pass through Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East before reaching avenue 3 BLK 551.

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Yio Chu Kang Zone 1RC is a place where you can find mural paintings that depict the past. These include kampong houses and the interior of an old cooking area. You can also see the bird cages of Kebun Baru bird singing clubs. This official website will have the indicative selling price of Belgravia Ace. The target launch date is 2021. We await approval from the authorities before we can sell.

Parks and Recreations Centers Around Belgravia Ace Location

Belgravia Ace is close to many parks in the Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, high-demand area. Walking or running near parks has many benefits. It promotes active living and makes it convenient for Belgravia Ace residents. It increases safety and convenience. Belgravia Ace residents can take advantage of all the facilities offered by nearby parks, such as fitness classes and nature trails. Belgravia Ace residents have easy access to all these amenities.

Below are some examples of parks. It is rare to find a freehold development within the mature estate of Ang Mo Kio. There are many improvements over previous works by Tong Eng Group. For more information about the development, interested buyers can contact us via their mobile number. Belgravia Ace is located near the North South Corridor link, which will relieve the increasing traffic on the Central Expressway. See the Belgravia Ace images.